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Ways to Have Fun in College Without Spending Money

Updated: Sep 18

by Noah Peterson

Visual Team Lead

College is expensive but you can still have fun with friends during college without going out. Here are some creative ways in how to have fun on campus.

1. Movie/TV Marathon

hand holding tv remote points it at a television

Having a movie or TV show marathon allows students to learn each other's interests in regards to what they watch. This can be either a full day marathon or a simple movie night. Having a movie or TV show marathon is a good idea because everyone has a variety of favorite things to watch. It can help people catch up on popular culture and experience some of the finest narratives ever written. It also helps with relaxation, motivation, reduces stress, and inspires social and cultural reflection.

2. Board/Video Games

Playing board or video games is a fun way to have friends together to connect, strategize, compete and have fun. You could play anything from console games to ones that come out of a box. Trying different times allows students to experiment, have fun, mingle, find solutions to problems, and build confidence.

3. Walk around Campus

Walking across campus is a great way to exercise and explore new places. Walking around campus helps you become more comfortable with your surroundings. It also helps maintain a healthy weight and lose body fat, along with strengthening your bones and muscles.

4. Build a Fort

blanket walls and ceiling drape over a bed covered inpillows and blankets. Ferry lights give the little room a warm glow

Building a fort can make your environment a more thrilling and enchanting place where your imagination can flourish. Forts can help people work together and creates a home away from home.

5. Play sports with friends

A sports day offers exercise with an almost variety of games. It gives the ability to connect with people, compete and build a team. Sports days can help students to stay fit and have fun.

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