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"Your Place or Mine" feels like a movie from the past

Updated: Jan 18

By Jessica Baysdell

Staff Writer

If you love a cheesy and romantic movie, "Your Place or Mine" is for you!

Despite a history described as a "hookup," Ashton Kutcher's Peter and Reese Witherspoon's Debbie have been friends for 20 years. They still talk regularly, with him leading the life of a wealthy playboy business consultant in New York and her located in Los Angeles, grappling with the challenges of single motherhood to a 13-year-old son whose allergies make her a trifle overprotective.

Scheduled to spend a week in New York getting a degree that will advance her career, Debbie abruptly loses her babysitter, at which point Peter steps in, offering to fly to LA and stay at her house and look after her kid while she occupies his luxury apartment. Debbie ends up learning a lot about him and how he feels about her just by his apartment.

Peter receives a notification on his phone informing him that a camera inside his home went off. He looks and sees Debbie kissing another man. He is jealous and starts to discover how he truly feels about her.

They both begin to learn and appreciate living in each other's shoes. Peter is having a fun time being a parent until he lets Jack try out for hockey—even though Debbie said not to let him. Jack ends up getting injured. Then, Debbie angrily tells Peter to be out of the house by the time she gets home.

They end up seeing each other in the airport where, spoiler alert, he expresses his love for her.

The plot line in this movie was unique, and the chemistry between Witherspoon and Kushner was interesting. One aspect I didn't like was how the two actors were never really in a scene together until the ending.

This movie feels like a romantic comedy from the early 2000—a good distraction of your time but one that you will forget right away.



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