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New Rochester University App Causing Issues for Students

For the Fall 2019 semester, students are experiencing technical difficulties with the new Rochester University app that was introduced before the semester began.

One of the students' main concerns is that there is no easy way to track their chapel points. With previous methods of signing in, an easily accessible place was available where students could see how many points they had and how many they needed to pass chapel.

Now, some students say they are getting notifications that let them know they are in chapel, but the app does not have the numbers to show progress. “It’s a little difficult for

me to navigate, and I don’t really get any updates for when I am in chapel,” said Mckeighla Saxinger, a freshman musical theatre major.

Another major concern with the new app is that some students report not being able to login. When they try, the app keeps informing them that the login has failed. Because they cannot login, they are not able to access some of the features that are present on the app, and it is not clear how they will be able to see if they get their points. “It keeps saying that I have a login fail every time,” said Sam Forthofer, a junior mass communication major.

Other issues that have occurred include students receiving notifications several hours after chapel took place and the overall organization of the app.

Evan Green, director of intercultural and spiritual life, has sent several emails to students mentioning that the app is undergoing updates. “I will be spending some time discussing the app, and some of its issues next week in chapel,” wrote Green in an email.

Before the new app was released, chapel used different tools to sign in. The Altimeter app was used by RU starting in the Spring 2018 semester. Before that, students signed in by swiping their cards to sign in and sign out.



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