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RU community’s down-to-earth conversations at SPACE

By Luke Chapman Staff Writer

Rochester University introduced SPACE, “A Place For Conversation + Community,“ last September.

Aleah Dymond, a junior nursing major who attended SPACE regularly, said, “SPACE is an open space to talk to others in the community about our experiences and opinions on anything, related to school here or just society in general.”

Klint Pleasant, senior vice president of RU, said, “SPACE is simply a town hall format where we don't shy away from sensitive topics, yet it is all done within the context of mutual respect.”

SPACE offers food, talk and discussion prior to the event begins. After everyone is settled, the meeting commences, usually with a topic already in mind. The host of the meeting shares a topical issue the participants will discuss over the nect hour. SPACE aims to be a judgment-free place where students can feel comfortable speaking their minds, especially in ways that might be challenging in most settings.

Brian Petty, resident hall director, said, “I believe SPACE will and already has benefited the RU community in great ways. It's through these gatherings that they can learn how to engage with others who have polarizing opinions in a respectful and loving manner.”

Though the program has concluded this semester and Petty is leaving RU, Pleasant said he and Scott Samuels plan to continue SPACE into the future.

SPACE has met for nearly a full academic year, with the help of their sponsors the Center for Student Life and the RISE Program and is willing to welcome students to give SPACE a try and make them feel at home in this community.




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