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Apart but not alone: RU staying connected?

Reported by Erica Doherty and Wallace Whitfield

Rochester University’s current slogan “Rise Together. Stand Apart” is a clever motto for us during this coronavirus pandemic. We are forced to stand apart right now — 6 feet apart — but we can still rise together. 

Dr. Sharia Hayes, dean of students, said, “As human beings, we desire connection with one another, so it is important for us to continue exploring new ways to create connection points.” 

Hayes and Evan Green, director of intercultural and spiritual life, offered the following tips for students on how you can stay connected to the broader RU community: 

Stay informed

RU students can stay connected to the community through the university website, social media outlets, and the RU App, which has sections devoted to student organizations. The Center for Student Life continues to send out the “Weekly Warrior” email, and both Hayes and Green recommended that students be sure to read through that newsletter. 

Stay in touch

Green and Hayes are joined by Scott Cagnet, assistant dean of students, and Katelyn Hargrave, student life office manager, in offering virtual appointments to students. They each have blocks of time available on their calendars where they are setting virtual appointments for anyone who needs "someone to speak to, pray with, or just listen to see how they are doing," Green said. Information about scheduling those time slots can be found in the "Weekly Warrior" email.

Stay social

Follow the @rochesteru and @studentliferu accounts on Instagram and Facebook. 

“We are working on creating posts that continue to engage our students in the community,” Hayes said. 

Stay connected

“During this time, an option students may consider to still have some social engagement is to find time to do study groups through Zoom/Google Hangouts, even if it is just for social purposes,” Green said. “That is for sure one way students can stay connected to their peers.”

Stay intentional

“With the technology that is available to us now, we have a lot of opportunities to remain engaged,” Hayes said, “but similar to in-person interactions, we must be intentional in making those connections happen.”

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